Step 1Step 1: Student information

Step 1 - Student information

Learn touch typing for $99.95!

Most of our writing is done with a keyboard. Why not invest in learning a skill that will increase your productivity for years to come?


Some Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm not sure about joining. Do you offer refunds?

We want you to use our services because it's really helping you to learn touch typing. However, if you happen to be disappointed by TypeKids cancel within the first month and your bank account will be automatically credited in the next few days.

I am an adult, is this course for me as well?

More and more adults sign-up for the TypeKids course because they want to improve their productivity. The course contains two elements to make it fun for children: a pirate adventure and games. Both of these elements can be skipped without reducing course effectiveness. Most grownups find the games and adventure fun as well, but they can also be skipped without reducing the effectiveness of the course. The best, and completely risk-free, way to determine if TypeKids is for you is by signing-up for the complete course. If it is not what you are looking for you can always cancel in the first month and receive a full refund.

What are my payment options?

We currently use PayPal for all payments. Even if you don’t have PayPal it is possible to pay with any major credit card. Also, we only accept payments online, and we don't take orders over the phone.